kEtvEctor CDDarren Bousman, director of 'Saw II,' posted a new blog concerning dispelled myths, trailers and screenings for the upcoming industrial, horror musical that is 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' in which Ogre stars.

The film is also set for an exclusive screening at this year's highly-anticipated Fantasia Film Festival. Go to Fantasia's site for the newest trailer or it can also be viewed at FearZone.com.


kEtvEctor CDkEtvEctor CDSome older news that comes highly praised and definitely worthy of mention as we anxiously await the release of the new SKINNY PUPPY and ohGr albums and extensive tours—Justin-Gabriel Isaac Bennett [live drummer for PUPPY 2005 & 2007, MY LIFE WITH THE THRILL KILL KULT, and others] released a excellent collaboration with Stefano Rossello [of BAHNTIER & DETUNE-X] back in February of 2008 on Rustblade Records. Under the moniker of kETvECTOR the album, 'The Infinite Regress,' was released as a limited edition CD—with bonus materials and 2 extra tracks—and a regular CD release. This album is a must-have for fans of SKINNY PUPPY and especially their highly acclaimed side project DOWNLOAD. Go to kETvECTOR's MySpace page for more details and to order.

Another project our friend Justin has had a major role in is the film project 'American Memory' with William Morrison [live guitar for SP on the 2005 'TGWOTR' World Tour]. Rumours state that this surreal video experiment could shine thru the window to the soul very soon, so keep the radars spinning. Go see AmericanMemory.net for an amazing teaser trailer.