Information on the newest upcoming full-length OHGR album from SKINNY PUPPY's visionary front-man, Nivek Ogre, has recently developed across the strings of the www. Outstanding artist and long-time friend of the PUPs, Steven R. Gilmore, gave Facebook a lift yesterday by exposing his newly approved cover artwork for 'Undeveloped' and well, as they say... the hounds were released!

OHGR's fourth official full-length album, 'Undeveloped,' is currently slated to be released on May 10, 2011 thru Metropolis Records. OHGR has been a recent add to their ever-growing and quite well-known roster.

The very promising tracklisting includes "tRAGEk" which was released as a pay-to-download single back in July 2010 on wdihtf.com. The single also comes with it's own original artwork by Ogre and is still available on the wdihtf site.

Artwork by Steven R. Gilmore
'Undeveloped' includes the following audible nightmares:
  1. 101
  2. crash
  3. pissage
  4. comedown
  5. typer
  6. screwMe
  7. bellew
  8. hollow
  9. traGek
  10. animist
  11. nitwitz

Metropolis is already taking pre-orders here. Watch for more developments as time moves on.