SubConscious Communications introduces
the updated Euro Rack Modules
Over a year in development, Subconscious Communications and cEvin Key are now ready to release their first set of modules designed specifically for Euro Rack Modular system.

The legendary Model 15 OSC and Model 37 LFO are newly designed SMT versions of the originals and are now available for preorder online. The time has come to give people the power to make their own music with our inspiration in mind. The eventual goal is to produce a standalone synthesizer module by module, that is a collaborative between artists and makers, but bears the stamp of our quality control and wishes.

This is to coincide with the re-release of DOWNLOAD 'Fixer' on September 13th, DOWNLOAD 'Helicopter/Wookie Wall' on September 24th and SKINNY PUPPY 'HanDover' on October 24th.

Expect more modules to come soon. These are all in limited edition, and there is a special bundle that includes signatures—not too mention the amazing artwork on the modules by our own Simon Paul! The ship date on these is on or before October 15th, 2011, place your preorder at SubConsciousRecords.com.