The latest in SubConscious Communication's "vault series" by cEvin Key & friends is touching down very shortly for pre-order over on SubConsciousRecords.com.

Details of what's included are as follows:

BananaSloth: Zombie Battle 2019
Shimokitazawa Tokyo gave birth to new monster BananaSloth. Electronics and psychic energies channeled and translated into musical data, the Sloth travels in time to give us this debut album, Zombie Battle 2019!

Download: HElicopTEr
Phil Western and cEvin Key have been collaborating for fifteen years and nine albums. This recording takes advantage of most of the oldest synths from the studio collection.

Djoto: Slow Motion Burn

Djoto from Koenji Tokyo has been sending demos to Subcon for over a decade and has collaborated with cEvin in Tokyo on all of the recent DJ events. A communications engineer that really knows his phase.

The Tear Garden: Have a Nice Trip

A new album of material made over the past year at Subconscious and Edward Ka-spel's home studio. It features mixes by many collaborators including Collide, Humble Brothers, Frankie Pett, Raymond Steeg, and more..

Otto Von Schirach: Magic Triangle
Miami represented by none other than Otto Von Schirach. Some of his heaviest work to date. A must have!

PlaTEAU: Gort sPaCebar
Phil Western and cEvin Key. 5th album for PlatEAU. The spacebar is definitely a place worth visiting for a while. New recordings and a new level of electro space groove.

Baseck Sonic Death Rabbit: (tba)
Representing Los Angeles is none other than the sonic Gameboy tracker terrorists. This is their debut album.

Keep your third eye on cEvin's SubConscious Communications for more.

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