A public message was released concerning what's going on with Skinny Puppy's upcoming album. Their manager, Jeff, issued this statement:

I just wanted to attempt to make everyone aware of the current situation that Skinny Puppy is in. Due to the fact that SPV filed for insolvency earlier in the year the new Skinny Puppy LP will not be out in time for the tour. We have been in discussion with SPV and had hoped to find a solution to the mess they have put us in, but it looks as though things will not get sorted out until years end. We have meetings set with them in the near future and I hope to be able to let everyone know that things will be back on track soon. Songs have been recorded and artwork has been worked on and once we resolve the issues we have with SPV we will release them.

None of the issues with SPV will jeopardize this tour. The band is really excited to get out and play and we think this is going to be a tour to remember!!

Everybody in the Puppy camp wants to let you know that we always appreciate the support and we are looking forward to the "In Solvent See Tour" as much as any tour we have ever done.

We hope to see you all out there

Be good

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