SKINNY PUPPY can really use everyone's help. With the tour starting shortly, the best thing to do for their 'In Solvent See' Tour 2009 is to print, post and hand-out flyers in your area at typcial points of interest where fellow fans might hangout, like:
- Underground CD/Record Shops
- Local Clubs
- Bars
- Art Shows/Fairs

MOST OF ALL-- Posting about the tour on ALL the Forums you belong to as well as your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Blogger, and any other websites you frequent or own.

You can download or link to the high-resolution flyers here:

The tour and links to tickets for each show can be found here:

Last but not least, don't forget to fan the 'In Solvent See' Tour Facebook page. Be ready to discuss, post pics and share links for the show(s) you're attending under the page's Events:

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